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The Benefits Of Massage Therapy during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is normally a joyful nine months. But the physical reality of gestating with another human being often includes many complaints that can usually benefit from a massage therapist’s expertise.

Therapists who want to work with pregnant women need to know how massage therapy can help them, what to watch out for, and what not to do. 

Even though more people need to know about and learn more about pregnancy, there is a lot of research that shows massage therapy has many benefits during pregnancy, labor, and after giving birth.

Today, The Rejuvenation Center will help you understand these benefits with this post! 

Pregnancy Benefits of Massage Therapy

Obstetric massage can be good for your health in several ways. The following are some of the health benefits:

Less Stress and Anxiety

The stress hormone is called cortisol. When a pregnant woman is introduced to massage therapy as part of prenatal care, the cortisol level in her body is reduced significantly. This lets her experience good hormones that improve mood, vitality, and immunity.

Improve Sleep Quality

When you get a deep tissue massage, the melatonin hormone and serotonin compounds are made more in the body. 

As a result, people’s sleep cycles can be regulated. When a pregnant woman receives a massage, it improves her sleep quality, which promotes a good overall effect on the body.

No More Joint Swells!

Oedema is the term used in medicine for swelling. It is common during pregnancy and is caused by low blood flow and extra pressure on the blood vessels. 

Deep tissue massage is good for pregnant women because it stimulates the soft tissues and helps eliminate fluid buildup in swollen joints. At the same time, massage can help the lymph system better remove waste from the body.

No More Cramps and Muscle Pains

Muscle pain and cramps are also joint in pregnant women. These discomforts usually occur due to muscular tension and heightened motor neuron activity. These can be significantly reduced with the help of a specialist in pregnancy massage.

Painless Nerves

Many women have pain in their sciatic nerves, especially toward the end of their pregnancies. This is because their uterus rests on their lower back and pelvic floor muscles. 

When this happens, the pressure puts stress on the upper and lower leg muscles, causing them to swell. Thanks to The Rejuvenation Center, massage specialists offer prenatal care therapy. 

Mothers can get the help they need to release the tension in nearby muscles. Massage helps women with sciatic nerve pain feel better while they are pregnant.

Reduces Premature Birth

Studies have shown that women who got massages while pregnant were less likely to give birth early than women who didn’t get massages while pregnant.

Reduces the baby’s stress hormones. Massage helps the mother and lowers the baby’s stress hormones. 

Even when the baby is still in the womb, research has shown that massage is essential in raising cortisol levels. Because of this, it is safe to say that pregnancy massage is good for the health of more than just the mother.

Prenatal Massage at The Rejuvenation Center 

Back pain, discomfort, and tiredness are all symptoms of pregnancy. A trip to the spa is a great way to ease these symptoms. Massage during pregnancy can help relieve back pain, improve sleep and mood, reduce stress, and reduce problems during labor. 

The best way to get a prenatal massage is to lie on your side and prop yourself up with pillows. A neck and shoulder massage are also safe to do while sitting up. 

Our massage therapist at The Rejuvenation Center has specific and in-depth training in this area of massage to ensure that pregnant women and their unborn babies get the best care.

Is Prenatal Massage Safe?

Prenatal massage is a safe, natural, and drug-free way to relieve pain. This is helpful because you can’t take many medicines while pregnant to keep your baby safe.  

Many of the common discomforts of pregnancy can be eased by the increased blood flow to your tissues and the relaxation your body will feel during and after a session.

What To Look For in a Therapist?

When choosing a massage therapist, pregnant women should keep a few things in mind:

  • Proper equipment and techniques: Too much time on her stomach or back can make a pregnant woman feel dizzy or raise her blood pressure. In places specializing in prenatal massage, women usually lie on their sides and prop themselves up with pillows or use tables with cut-outs for their bellies. 
  • A clean shop: Make sure the shop is free of dirt and grime and is clean. Pregnancy makes it easy to get sick if you come in contact with germs or viruses.
  • Prenatal massage certification: Look at the office’s list of services and ask if prenatal massage is one of them. You can also look up therapists online by name or license number to ensure they are qualified and have a license.

Also, the therapist needs to know which essential oils or lotions are safe during pregnancy since many have pain-relieving and calming effects. Not everyone is thought to be safe.

Tips For a Good Massage

The first ideal thing to do is to try not to be worried. A good massage therapist doesn’t look down on people. The therapist won’t care if you haven’t shaved your legs in a while or if you’ve gained a little weight during pregnancy. 

Massage therapists look at the body like an artist looks at a blank canvas. Our goal is for you to feel less pain and more calm. Your privacy is also paramount. 

A professional massage therapist will never ask you to show more of your body than you’re comfortable with. Tell your therapist right away if you feel uneasy for any reason.

Last but not least, you should drink water before your appointment. Pregnant women need to drink more fluids, so have a few extra glasses of water before and after work.

As long as you don’t have a condition that could put you or your baby in danger, you can get a prenatal massage as often as once a week. Call us at (304) 242-2639 or make an appointment online to discuss your personal risk factors or get permission to get a prenatal massage.

Our licensed massage therapists at The Rejuvenation Center are happy to offer prenatal and therapeutic massage. Check out our other massage therapy services to help you with your pains! 

We also have services like Botox, Chemical Peels, and Laser Hair reduction! So, why not get the best for yourself? Even if you’re not yet a mom! 

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