Photo Facial Rejuvenation

Photo Facial Rejuvenation | Rejuvenation Center | Wheeling, WV

Prices Starting from $150

For treatment of sun-damaged skin, age spots, and redness

If you have any sun damage, age spots, rosacea, or broken capillaries, photo facial rejuvenation may be your best and easiest treatment option. Most often, the treatment is performed on skin areas that receive the most sun damage, such as the hands, face, neck, chest, and shoulders. It requires no recovery period and can typically be completed within four treatments.*

For the treatment of veins, telagiectasia, rosacea, and redness

Utilizing several laser technologies, we are able to significantly diminish facial spider veins and rosacea in one to four quick, painless sessions. The results can go a long way toward improving an individual’s skin tone and reverse the appearance of chronic sun-damaged skin.*

* Individual results vary. Best results are promoted by a healthy lifestyle. Images do not constitute a promise or representation of any particular outcome.

The Results

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