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Botox Party with your besties! You and your friends or family can book a
party with us in our medical clinic and the host/hostess earns
complimentary Botox (up to 20 units), while their guests receive treatment
at $11 per unit.

How much fun would it be to get together with friends or co-workers and learn more about Botox and Filler and how we can make you feel more confident!
Invite friends, co-workers, your sister, and your mom, and receive special discounts for you and your guests.
Minimum of 6 guests

How it Works

Once you schedule your private party with us, your party coordinator will be working with you to plan the event to be sure it is everything you were hoping for. In the past, we’ve had catered parties, added Hydrafacial or Massage therapy for guests, etc—there are many options from simple to extravagant
A deposit of $150 is required to book your event and will be credited back to you on event night towards treatment. To qualify for complimentary units, each guest should receive a minimum of 20 units.

*Cancellation of your event less than 48-hours in advance, will forfeit the deposit.

When it comes to any medical procedures, professionals are the best choice. Botox and fillers require precise placement by a medical professional with years of training and experience. A weekend “certification” is not adequate training or experience to provide the best results.

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