In Your 30s

A Little About You

Career growth. Great times with those you love. An agenda that somehow seems busier than in your 20s – and you didn’t think that as even possible!

You may have more commitments and obligations than in your 20s, but your anti-aging solutions shouldn’t be one of them! We can help you create a practical yet powerful approach to keep the first signs of age to a minimum while you enjoy your lifestyle to the maximum!

What You Need Most Right Now

Most patients begin to think about their anti-aging needs and regimen at this season of life, as it’s usually when the natural aging process begins.

During your 30s, collagen production slows down and your skin gradually becomes thinner. Here and there, you’re likely beginning to notice fine lines or dark spots. The body you enjoyed in your 20s may be slowly becoming harder to maintain – and stubborn fat may be appearing up in areas it hasn’t before.

In your 30s, a proactive approach to these early signs of aging is key to looking your best well into the future. Healthy, beautiful, and ageless skin is still within reach – and Rejuvenation Center is the perfect partner to help you achieve it.

Ideal Solutions for Your Age Group

  • Botox — Correction and prevention of future unwanted expression lines
  • Hydrafacial MD — Suction out and shrink pores, remove dead skin, and hydrate skin for a natural glow
  • Juvederm — Natural looking results adding volume to cheeks, chin, lips, jawline, and under eyes
  • ViPeel — Treats sun/age spots/melasma, shrinks pores, and smooths skin
  • IPL Photo Facial — Reduces and removes discoloration from sun damage
  • Laser Hair Reduction — Removes unwanted hair virtually anywhere on the body
  • MicroNeedling — Treats fine lines and acne scarring, shrinks pore size, and creates new collagen
  • Coolsculpting — Nonsurgical option for treatment of unwanted fat deposits
  • Safesculpt— Immediate excess fat removal with no downtime from work/family, no stitches and local anesthetic
  • Vivace RF — Our #1 micro-needling device that creates new collagen and elastin

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